Action for a sustainable society About the activities of NPO in Japan and Kitakyushu

Yurika Mori, Yu-ling Tsai, Bart Dewancker


In recent years, many people have gathered and lived in cities. There are various reasons for this, such as being close to the place of work and going to school, But living in an urban atmosphere has various choices from commercial to cultural, and we will have many benefits. As the economy develops, so do the cities. In Japanese society, where the population is concentrated in big cities, it can be said that the pandemic has promoted the establishment of a remote style freed from time and place. The breakthrough that allows us to freely choose our favorite lifestyle is very meaningful. Speaking of lifestyle changes, people and society have become more enthusiastic about environmental conservation than before. In Japan, the word Satoumi Satoyama has been used for a long time. These means that bioproductivity and biodiversity which have increased due to the addition of human resources".


biodiversity; NPO; Environmental conservation activities; Environmental education activities.

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