Transport System Management Policy Towards A Sustainable Environment

Aditya Mahatidanar Hidayat, Andita Ayu Mandasari


The considerations I made to introduce urban road pricing schemes. The overall aim is to implement efficient instruments to reduce urban traffic. In most cases, road pricing is only one element in a more comprehensive strategy for Transport Demand Management (TDM) aimed generally at reducing total traffic volume and at promoting a shift to more environmentally friendly modes of transport. To pursue sustainable development, costs play a central role in determining transport policy. The method I will use is Transportation Demand Management (TDM). In fact, Transport Demand Management is more than just proving people are traveling; it's about the health and wellness of the community as a whole. Smart Growth is typically implemented as a set of policies and programs by state / province, regional or local governments. Their implementation often requires Policy, Institutional and Regulatory reform. By implementing road pricing and smart growth, it will have a big impact on congestion, the environment and society for the development of transportation in Indonesia. Pricing of roads is an appropriate and efficient way to impose actual road usage costs on road users

Keywords: Transportation, Smart growth city, Road Pricing



Transportation; Smart growth city; Road Pricing

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