Effect of Addition of Additive Sikament LN Compressive Strength Of Cement Concrete Using Red and White

Yulfriwini Yulfriwini, Purba R H, Wisman M


Various studies and experiments in the field of concrete as part of efforts to improve the quality of concrete. In the construction of high-rise buildings and other mass
building takes high-strength concrete, normal concrete is the most appropriate choice. Campuaran concrete is usually in the form of sand, gravel, cement and water. Because of
frequent problems in the field such as stirring and casting it is necessary to use the additive (additive) that Sikament LN as the concrete mix in order to mix more encer.Sehingga
adukannya facilitate stirring and casting, reducing loss and speeding up the hardening of concrete (concrete early strength. Year First researching matrieal be used. Second year
designing the concrete mix using the red brand white cement with added material SikamentLN. Third-year result compressive strength, slump values, the levels of each of the
ingredients (water, cement, aggregates, SikamentLN)in the mix.Research by the addition ofa dditive Sikament LNt ersebut targeted obtain data on compressive strength of normal
concrete using red and white brand cement and additives plus Sikament LNat 28 days. Keywords: compressive strength of concrete, the slump value of the concrete, the concrete
maker ingredient content


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