Analysis Of Control Systems Nutrition Hydroponic Crops On Smart Vertical Agriculture

Rasida B R, Cucus A


1.1 Background
Technological developments in the field of agriculture the more years of growing rapidly, Technology
agricultural cultivation by hydroponic system is expected to be an alternative for people who have
limited space or yard, so it can serve as an adequate source of income.
Hydroponics is a method of farming by using a planting medium other than soil such as pumice,
kerkil, sand, coconut fiber, wood or foam pieces. Hydroponics are there in the community in general
are still using manual systems and relatively costly in terms of time, among others, to measure acidity
(pH) and nutrients in plants using plant maintenance hydroponic and determine the volume of water
that is used to optimize the system that has been realized that , Realizing a temperature regulating
system and humidity desirable, but it is still done manually. (Bonorowo, 2014)technique used in
hydroponics is NFT (Nutrient FilmTechnique).The basic concept of NFT (NutrientFilmTechnique)is a
method of cultivation with plant roots grow in shallow layers and nutrients to circulate so that the
plants can get enough water, nutrients and oxygen


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