The Legal Protection of Geographical Indications in Indonesia Towards The Asean Economic Community

Wahyu Sasongko


Geographical Indications is a regime of Intellectual Property Rights which is relatively new not only for
Indonesia but also for international scope. Geographical Indications is giving legal protection for a group
of producers who produce goods which have high qualities and is not intended for individual.
Geographical Indications are relevant to goods production yielded by the ASEAN countries which tend to
have a similarity that can potentially generate conflicts. Meanwhile, regulation of Geographical
Indications in Indonesia has differences from other ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and
Thailand. If this matter is not anticipated immediately the plan to establish the ASEAN Economic
Community in 2015 will face obstacles. Through the understanding of legal protection of Geographical
Indications in Indonesia, hopefully it will bring benefits to reach the ASEAN Economic Community.


Geographical Indications; TRIPs Agreement; Trade Mark Law

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