Implement of M-Government to Improve Public Services

Ahmad Cucus, Yuthsi Aprilinda


The Indonesianpopulationis one of themobilephone usersin theworldwithlarge numbers,the use ofmobilephonesdoesnât useasa toolof communicationbut itcanbe improvedas a liaison betweengovernmentandcitizen, the use ofmobile technologyis a one ofmediastoimprovegovernmentservicesthat has been conductedinvariousplacesin theworld, as an exampleforIndonesianto participate in developingmobile-based governance.The use ofmobile technologythat is easyandinexpensiveto be one ofthe advantagesobtainedifweapply them-government, the line betweengovernmentandcitizento bemore openwiththetwo-way communicationwith amobile-based service conceptcan be done anywhereand anytime. Expectedwiththe implementation ofm-government governancemore transparentandmore effective servicescan be realized. 


government; m-governmet; technology mobile

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