Strengthening Creative Economic Resources Through Designing Appropriate Regulatory Model in Managing and Optimising Cultural Property

Hayyan Ul Haq


This work is aimed at exploring, finding and formulating some appropriate regulatory models in
optimising cultural property products. This idea has been inspired by à huge national potentials in cultural
property which has economic values. The concrete economic values of cultural property can be
manifested through intervetion of Intellectual property and folklore and cultural property regime.
Therefore, this works shows the important role of government in designing appropriate policies and
regulations in managing and optimizing cultural property products. It introduces two approaches: (i)
normative and (ii) institutional approaches in visualising and manifesting the above objectives. At the
normatieve level, this work identify, explore, and formulate some potential regulations which stem from
the core regulations related to cultural property products, such as: intellectual property, particularly patent
and copyright; as well as folklore and traditional culture regime. It explorer and formulates potential and
strategic policies, either at the national or regional level to optimise some opportunities in the intellectual
property, folklore and traditional cultural regime. In this respect, how to interprete and embody the
recognition of cultural property, such as traditional knowledge and traditional culture into appropriate
regulatory models. While, at the institutional level, this work introduces the inclusive museums that may
function as conservator, educational, and creative economische medium in maintaining and improving the
quality, function and sustainability of cultural property protection and development


cultural property

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International Conference On Law, Business and Governance (ICon-LBG)
Bandar Lampung University
ISSN: 2339-1650