Analysis Using Temperature Sensor DS18B20 Hydroponic Plants Smart In Vertical Agriculture

Rasid M, Marzuki Marzuki


The technology is now highly developed rapidly. One example of progress is the human automation system tools. A wide variety of tools have been created with the aim to facilitate human in doing his
job, but with the automation system is then expected human tools that already exist can now work more efficiently and effectively lighten the burden of the work of man. Agriculture now also been
highly developed. It can be seen from the limited agricultural land so that people start looking formore efficient ways of doing agricultural development with the limited land owned. This development
can be seen with the new agricultural methods, one of which is known as hydroponic energy system.The automation system can be applied in farming methods with the making automation tool that can
control some aspects such as water temperature, acidity / alkalinity of the water (pH) and nutrients in plants using hydroponic plant maintenance. By incorporating technology into the right farming
methods, then we will get results more effective and efficient and will directly alleviate the burden of the work of man. On the basis of this thought behind the making of the automation system for the
control of this hydroponic plants. Hydroponics is growing plants and growing techniques that utilize water instead of soil by emphasizing the need nutrients, temperature and pH for plants. Needs of
hydroponic water at less than the plant with soil media, so is suitable for areas that have water supply and limited land

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Fanny Astria, Merry Subito, Deny Wiria Nugraha Student Department of Electrical Engineering

University Tadulako, Lecturer Tadulako University Department of Electrical Engineering

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Central Sulawesi, e-mail: MEKTRIK Journal Vol. 1 No. 1,

September 2014 ISSN 2356-4792

Jonson Lumban Gaol, Risti Endriyani Arhatin, Marisa Mei Ling Department of Marine Sciences

and Technology, IPB Bogor Center for Geometric Engineering (CGE), Surya University

Serpong e-mail: National Seminar on Remote Sensing 2014

Mhd. Idris1, Indra Jaya2 1Corresponding author 2Departemen Marine Science and Technology

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Verna Albert Suoth a, Didik R. Santosob, Sukir Maryantob aJurusan Physics, Science Faculty,

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February 2013.

Umar Tangke, John Ch Karuwal, Mukti Zainuddin, Achmar Mallawa. Lecturer in FAPERTA

UMMU-Ternate. Faculty of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Hasanuddin University, Makassar

Received: December 30, 2014; Approved: 1 April 2015


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